Roy Keane’s Smashes Premier League, United

Manchester United legend Roy Keane blasted United and the Premier League as a whole, on the basis of losing almost all the matches they have competed for. Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal all went down with their Champions League ties by an identical 2-0 scoreline. Keane said on ITV, (via

“I think we’ve been brainwashed by the [idea that] the Premier League is the best league in the world. Nonsense.

It’s the best brand, but we’ve seen over the last few weeks with a lot of the English teams struggling that these teams have fallen behind the top teams in Europe, and United in particular…

I think David Moyes will be shocked. He went into United in the summer expecting great things, he’s probably looked at them at close quarters and I would say, privately, that he is shocked with the lack of quality that he is working with.

It’s been a tough night for supporters and for Moyes and his staff. I don’t think anybody of us could’ve predicted that. They just never turned up. Let’s also give credit to Olympiakos, they were very, very good, they were on the front foot and technically they were better than Untied tonight.”

He continued to ridicule United by using Michael Carrick’s post match interview behavior.

That interview was just like their performance: flat. Say a bit more, have a bit more urgency even in the interview, that just reflected it, flat, no urgency, they keep saying ‘Next game, next game’, for some of them there won’t be another game, that’s the reality for him.

But Keane soon got a reply from Carrick’s wife, as she tweeted: “Roy Keane what a **** says anything to provoke a reaction .. That’s all .. Done ..”

It was of course soon deleted by her, just not fast as Daily Mail captured it.

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