Rovio New Game In Partnership With DreamWorks Animation

Rovio has launched a new video game for iOS and Android devices. Rovio new game is inspired by The Croods, and also goes by the same name, is an upcoming DreamWorks Animation movie.

The players play as Grug, a prehistoric caveman, which must survive the wild by hunting, catching crazy creatures and build your own pre-historical world.


Rovio, which has developed a number of Angry Birs games, seems to have taken a small break from Angry Birds and work on other games as well. The partnership between DreamWorks Animation and Rovio will be one to look forward to seeing more new games releases under the company.

Though Rovio will continue working on Angry Birds and it’s spin-off Bad Piggies, a small break from Angry Birds could widen up the comapnies reach and portfolio. The Rovio new game is available for a free download on iOS and Android.

Here’s the trailer of the game :

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