Rooney: “Playing constantly in the midfield last season prompted me to consider leaving Manchester United.”

Wayne Rooney has finally spoke publicly regarding his reasons to leave Manchester United and blamed the fiasco on Sir Alex Ferguson for playing him out of position after Robin Van Persie was brought into the squad.

Rooney feels “happy” and “settled” at Old Trafford after David Moyes took charge. The England striker is currently preparing for the World Cup qualifiers against Poland and Montenegro. He also admitted that he wanted Redknapp to coach the England football team.

In his relationship with Ferguson, he does not mention the former United manager’s name at all. He referred to him indirectly throughout. Ferguson dropped Rooney from his team to the dismay of all the fans and it was around that time when Rooney asked for a transfer request.

“I know that I warranted a place in my position in the squad, centre-forward. I was fed up of being told to help the other players out in the midfield. Everyone knew that I was disappointed. You may call me selfish, but I had to make a few strong decisions about my career. I think my game was affected because I was playing out of position. I didn’t feel I got a consistent run of games. It is difficult to adapt to a new position”, Rooney voiced out.

Chelsea bid for Rooney twice- 23 million pounds on the 16th of July and 25 million pounds on 4th August. “There were a lot of things happening during the transfer window. However, I had spoken to the people who matter at the club and they knew what was going on. I didn’t want to say anything, lest the media misinterpreting my statements. I wanted to concentrate on my game. That is what I have always done and what I would do in future. I would definitely help the team by playing in the midfield in the last 15 minutes”, he added.

Rooney would be developing a new partnership with Daniel Sturridge when England takes on Montenegro on Friday.

He does not think much about the Adnan Januzaj debate. “No doubt, he is a great talent, but he is from some other country, right?”, he said.

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