Rockstar Against Installing Play Disc For GTA 5

Recently, Digital Foundry chief Richard Leadbetter claimed that one shouldn’t install the GTA 5 play disc on Xbox 360 and its sound advice, as per Rockstar recommendations. Rockstar Support also tweeted recently on the same -” For optimal performance, we recommend not installing the disc”

On installing the game for the first time, the number one step to take is to install the mandatory data from disc one (which takes up 7.74 GB of space on the hard drive). The second step is to install the disc two – the ‘play disc’_ onto the hard drive also, thus using the unit’s dashboard too. This in turn takes up extra 7.8 GB of storage. Doing so thus affects the games ability to stream texture data, causing occasional pop-in of in-game objects.

Installing the play disc is not recommended because playing both HDD and DVD content from a single source slows down access time. An optimal streaming can be achieved by making use of all the system’s available bandwidth. Hence, just streaming from just the hard drive is not recommended, which is exactly what’s happening in the Xbox 360 version of the game, on installing the play disc.

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