Robinson To Visit Jurassic World

The latest version of the Jurassic Park franchise has been making headlines in the past few days. The casting of ‘Jurassic World’ is being finalized. Shooting was supposed to have started a long back, but it got delayed as the producers took time to sort out the script.

It turns out that Iron Man 3 is headed into lizard territory and Nick Robinson is likely to join them. Robinson would be using the surviving skills taught by the indie movie. Finally, it would be put into good use.

Steven Spielberg would be the producer for the new Jurassic film. The details of the movie is still kept as a closely guarded secret, but Dallas Howard is also in contention to be signed into the movie. We have a fair idea of the cast as of now. However, we haven’t figured out what toothy terrors they would face.

Robinson isn’t involved in any movie as of yet, but has got a regular TV comedy series, Melissa and Joey.

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