Robert Pattinson To Star In ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’

Having enthralled millions of teenage girls throughout the world, Robert Pattinson wants to leave his vampire image and move past the role. An actor known for choosing the roles wisely, Pattinson has teamed up with David Cronenberg and would be doing films under James Gray and Werner Herzog. He is set to star opposite a famous French actress as well.

He would be working with Juliette Binoche again in ‘The Childhood of A leader’ after having worked with her in ‘Cosmopolis’.

Tim Roth is the other actor in the film with the script handled by Mona Fastvold and actor Brady Corbert. It is likely that the film deals with the childhood of a post WW 1 leader. Details about the film would be known soon.

This is another of Pattinson’s intriguing projects in his list of films.

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