Rick Champagne – Proud Owner Of The Original Batmobile

The Original Batmobile, based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura was auctioned off in Arizona, to Rick Champagne, an Arizona-based logistics company owner for $4.2m on Saturday, 19th January, 2013. This car was used in the popular Batman and Robin TV series in the 1960’s, by Adam West, who starred as Batman. Buying the Batmobile, that was used in one of his most favorite childhood tv series, was like a dream come true for Champagne.


The car was put up for auction for the first time in this Barrett-Jackson auction. It has a V8 engine and various gadgets that always appeal to the people, an in-car phone, parachutes-for making quick 180°turns while the masked man was in pursuit of his enemies, or to make a clever getaway, and last but not the least, being equipped to deploy smoke-screens, oil, and the Bat Ray when needed.

George Barris, custom cars designer, bought the car from Ford Motor Co. in 1965, and within a short amount of time, managed to transform the car into a weapon, with awesome gadgets. Barris, 88, had kept the car in California, when finally, he decided that it was time that another person had the privilege of calling himself the owner of a Batmobile. “The car had to be a star on it’s own. And it became one.”, said Barris.

Source: Guardian

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