Retrospective Punishment Is The Way To Go: Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United winger, Ashley Young has come under severe criticism for going to ground twice in the match against Crystal Palace. United Manager, David Moyes is firm on the view that retrospective punishment needs to be used to stop players from diving.

Defender, Ferdinand agrees with Moyes as well, but insists that the call for punishment for diving should be brought worldwide and not just in the premier league. The Champions’ league is the place where one is exposed to different types of play. When people from other clubs simulate, it would only seem unfair on the English Premier League teams if special rules are enforced.

“It becomes a part of the game and as defenders, we are used to players diving and appealing for fouls. The best way is to defend with the head and anticipate while combating with the forwards. I would never cheat the referee when it comes to unfair tackles. The player has the right to go down, if attacked unfairly by a defender, but the players in the current generation are overdoing it. I understand that is difficult as a referee to differentiate between a dive and a genuine mistake on the defender’s part”, Ferdinand added.

Crystal Place chairman, Steve Parish had called for straight red cards to be issued to any player caught diving. He continued to remain furious when Kagisho Dikgacoi was issued a red card for successfully tackling Ashley Young at Old Trafford.

Parish said, “If preventing a goal-scoring opportunity is a straight red card, then trying to create one by diving should be a straight red as well. Kagisho Dikgacoi was honest and he is the one who is sent off and banned for the next match. The worst part is that Young has a yellow card and three points, whereas we have one less player and no points. This might cost us the necessary momentum which we need.”

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