Reports Say Chinese Hackers Targeted Google’s Internal Spy System

Google used to host a spy system that provided all the governments with user data. They had to just request the data through a warrant. This became the weak spot in Google’s security technology. According to reports, the Chinese Government try to hack into the system.

An unnamed source,  familiar with the situation, quotes, “Chinese hackers, apparently, were able to access a system used to help Google comply with search warrants by providing data on Google users. This malware was accessing the internal intercept systems.‘”

Its speculated that the Chinese government was looking at collecting data on all other Google users, not just human rights activists. China was trying to spy on everybody. Hence, Google’s internal spy system compromised all its users. The more harrowing revelation that comes with this is, Google does collect information about its users, all the time and in a format that enables it to easily hand it over to any government agency that orders a search warrant.

But should Google use the context of human rights to hit back at China, when it was a lacuna in its own internal spying system that compromised all Google users, is a question that remains to be asked.

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