Reports Claim Atlus Parent Company Index Corp To Sell Off Subsidiaries

Bloomberg’s sources have reported that Atlus parent company Index Corporation is facing stock market delisting on July 28, and is, thereby, moving to sell off its holdings. It will begin taking bids as early as next week. The sales are expected to cash in ¥15 billion – about $149 million.

Index Corp has showed signs of trouble lately and was also investigated for financial mismanagement. It filed for chapter 11 in June. n June, Atlus USA had said that it was “unaffected” by Index Corp’s difficulties.

Index Corp’s subsidiaries include Japanese developer Atlus, responsible for Shin Megami Tensei, and the US publisher of the same name, and some animation studios and other business. The decision to sell without causing much delay is being viewed as a move to protect the value of its holdings. It can be calculated, if Index Corp cannot finance their business operations, the holdings might begin to suffer disruptions and bleed employees.

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