Report: U.K. Used Fake LinkedIn, Slashdot Pages To Spy On Telecom Firm

According to reports, to have an access on the computers on which Belgian telecom firm Belgacom works, UK Government Communications Headquarters Teams have used fake, malware-laden LinkedIn and Slashdot pages.

It normally looked like a normal Web page but were actually malware-laden clones, which infected workers’ PCs and gave GCHQ far-reaching access into their files, Der Spiegel said. It was made possible through a techniqu known as “Quantum Insert,” which let GCHQ spy on Belgacom and its subsidiary BICS.

However, Belgacom didn’t gave a direct reply for now, but earlier this year, it acknowledged a “digital intrusion” in the form of “an unknown virus in a number of units in our internal IT-system.” Company didn’t pointed towards anyone for the attack but said that “it is up to the Federal Prosecutor’s investigation to bring clarity on this.”

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