Release Of Factory Images For Nexus 7, Ends Dispute With Qualcomm

Release of factory images and binaries for new nexus 7 has apparently ended disputes between Google and Qualcomm. Finally Google published the factory images of its new tablet just few days after the employee responsible for managing the images quit the role over an apparent dispute with Qualcomm which appears to have resolved recently.

As they provide reference to restore Nexus tablets and Nexus Phones to their original (“factory” stage) state factory images and the accompanying binaries are claimed to be important resources. These binaries are used by the people who build their own custom Rom to tweak their Android software or need a back up if the customization is no up to date or device refuses to boot.

Owners of this latest Nexus device can modify the device to their requirements and in the knowledge that there are resources to fix issues they encounter. Hacker News post have made these images finally available on the Android Developers site. Although there was significant delay in the release as Android Police pointed out this week, which hinted at some issues.

As there was politics involved in the delay of the release it was reported by GigaOm that the Google staffer who looks after Android factory image software, Jean-Baptiste Queru quit the responsibility earlier this week. It was also claimed by Queru in a post on Google+ that there was no point in being the maintainer of an operating system which was not able to boot up to its home screen even on its flagship model due to lack of GPU support. On addition to that, he was being blamed for something that he dint have authority to fix himself and that he had anticipated which accelerated more than 6 months ahead.

Although the question is all about the new Nexus 7 tablet, it is yet to be identified as to what went wrong between the Tech Giant Google and its GPU developer Qualcomm about releasing the images. Its good to see that a new resolution has been found in order to serve the flagship tablet which has already attracted the press this week.

Being respected as one of the good developers, it will cost the Android community as Queru will no longer be a part of AOSP(Android Open Source Project). After the news of Queru’s drastic decision about quitting AOSP was leaked, angered fans started to abhor and blame Qualcomm for that. It was also reported that many people were also planning to boycott Qualcomm products in protest.

Buts still it is unstated whether he will return to AOSP role after the images have gone viral. Although Queru’s initial post hinted that there were some additional, undisclosed and deep issues behind his such a major decision which can make him change his mind the other way around.

via TNW

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