Recent Launch Of Snapchat 5.0

The recent release of the updated Snapchat 5.0, “Banquo” is highly useful in sending self destructed pictures and videos by the app users. This release has included a dramatic revamp in the profile of app’s UI. The new update covers a new range of some advanced app features which include double-tap to reply ability, in-app profiles and other improved tools for connecting friends.

This release has made the UI to earn enough popularity with a formation of a strong user base globally for the excellent swipe navigation from camera, message inbox, friends’ connection and it also paves a smooth path to add or search new friends.

The inbox has also been restructured in a beautifully modified manner with huge transparencies and blue bubblies. But the most eye catching change is highly noticeable in the pattern of the cameras. The app navigation has been made more sensible and flexible with the use of the swipe panels.

The Double-tap to reply of Snapchat in connection with the camera provides the smooth clicking of the desirable pictures with the facility of immediate sending of those pictures to the intended senders. The web counterpart of the profile is highly efficient in searching or adding the friends in the friends’ panel. The advanced app of the friends’ panel with cute animations leads to the direcxt section of the contacts.

The character of “Banquo” has been dragged from the Shakespeare’s Macbeth for putting forward the efficiency and capability of the newly launched Snapchat. This is a good comparison for making people believe about the advancements of the modern app. This app provides the maximum flexibility to the users for accessing the various essential applications.

The reference of “Banquo” is used to represent to prove the durability and longevity of the new launch. This new launch has also facilitated the free and comfortable access of the various social networking sites like Face Book. This kind of update is now available in the app stores for the comfortable use of the users globally.

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