“I Am Ready To Splash Cash Next Transfer Window As Well”: Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager has admitted that Mesut Ozil was his responsibility when he was transferred to Arsenal. He was bought at a record 42.4 million pounds. Ozil made a sensational start to the premier league and convinced Wenger that the investment in him would reap dividends for the club in the long run.

“Indeed, it is a huge responsibility to spend so much cash, but I feel comfortable with it because we had the money to do it,” Wenger said.

“Ozil’s transfer was linked with an immense desire of the fans and the management to get it done, but at the same time I knew that if had failed because we faced huge competition from other clubs in the premier league, I need to face reality.

“The pressure for us on the transfer window was huge. Everyone knew that we had money to spend, and honestly, it wasn’t very easy to get the deal done. I have said many times in the past and I am saying it again, I am ready to spend if it is for the player the team we needs, and moreover, if you look at the team’s form last year, we would have needed a special talent to strengthen the team.

“The first few years at the club were difficult. Yes, we lost some of our important players to other clubs. We are in a much more comfortable financial position now. I can confidently tell you that I would love to have supremely talented players to play for Arsenal. If we need to spend money for that, I am willing to do that.

Wenger went on to suggest Ozil’s arrival should reassure supporters that both he and the club are intent of returning to trophy winning ways sooner rather than later.

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