Rayman Jungle Run: To Be A Part Of The Live Series Of Xbox One

Rayman Jungle Run is expected to be a part of the live titles of Xbox One series. It is also expected to be featured on the stores of Windows Phone, which is on Windows Phone 8. It is featured to run on endless platforms and it is launched on 2012. Rayman is also expected to be featured on Android and iOS phone. It is also receiving free updates frequently on adding up new characters and levels. The game is a popular among its users from the time since it has been launched.

It is found to be downloaded across the platforms of both Android and iOS phones for 2 million times. It currently costs US$2.99. It has been counted as the greatest gams for mobile phones that have been available since. The game has been counted with 20 levels and this was announced by Ubisoft. It is marked as the second update for the content for both Android and iOS phones. These updates were released in the last year as a result of critical acclaim. Rayman Jungle will now come up with thirty new levels along with bosses. It was expected to be up there by February but was delayed to the initial sale date of February.

If you have forgotten about the game, here is a brief recapitulation about the way it works. Rayman is found to be sprinting across each level of the game. The players help Rayman to hold the hover by frequent jumping and this is constantly tapped by the players. The pace of the game is brisk on narrow levels and because of this players ought to have a quick response time so as to remove the obstacles and get through the different levels of the game.

The gorgeous art style of the game with attractive colors is retained in the iOS version. This has been debuted by the origin of Rayman. Latest news says that Rayman legend is expected to come up with PS Vita release. The titles will also release for Xbox 360 and PS3 in the month of the September. It will be initially a Wii U exclusive.

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