PS3 Super Slim 12 GB Model Releases In The US And Canada

United States and Canada can now officially welcome the PS3 Super Slim 12 GB model as it has been made available for $199.99. There was visible excitement among people of the next version of PS3, and Sony surprised all by releasing its new 12 GB version.

Best Buy is one of the retailers who quote the price $199.99 and is made available in the NTSC regions. The model initially released in Europe and Australia during October, last year. Existence of the hard drive has made the price to go up, relatively. The absence of anything in the expansion slot turned out to be one of the pluses for the PS3 Super slim 12 GB model. A series of images were shown last year, when the 500 GB model released.

Sony has plans of releasing the PlayStation 4 soon as well and the dates should be confirmed by the end of this week. Reliable sources believe it is certain to release this November.

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