PropelAd Helps Facebook Find The Most Engaging Posts

With the ever increasing number of Facebook members, the Facebook pages have become a popular way for a variety of organizations to reach out to its users. And now PropelAd has figured out a way to help Facebook find the most interesting posts. These pages are unlike personal profile sand are basically an extended marketing platform for the companies. There are various companies which provide services to page owners as well as Facebook’s own page management utilities. But promoting the right post has always been something that has lacked a proper scientific technique. Now the Dublin based company PropelAd is providing Facebook with a service that lets the page administrators know which posts to be promoted.

PropelAd has developed a method to analyze the various posts and find which one has the highest probability of going viral and will be the most shared one once it is promoted. According the PropelAd CEO Charlie Ardagh, the method involves measuring the “social velocity” of a particular post and how well the fans are engaging to that post. By measuring this rate over a period of time, they can estimate whether the post will get a lot of promotions in future. The insight provided by the generated data can help them to detect posts which can be potential winners. By pointing out the right posts and studying their nature, the brands can understand their nature and promote similar posts in future to reach out to a much wider range of customers.


The administrators working on the same field can also benefit from this knowledge as they can fix their budget target the right posts. Promoting each and every post was never an economically viable option. Now with the solution provided by PropelAd, the most engaging posts can be traced and this service will help both Facebook and the various page owners. It can be noted that though PropelAd is a relatively new organization, it is already collaborating with big brands such as Red Bull and Western Digital and helping them out on their European market.

Earlier, Facebook launched the service of promoting posts to target specific countries and relevant people, keeping in mind their particular tastes. With the new insights offered by PropelAd and being able to pin point the most popular posts , marketers are sure to take advantage of this service..

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