Presenting A Smart And Fun Phone – “Nokia Lumia 620” First In United States of America

It’s time to have fun with the range of beautiful colors, S4 processor of a speed of 1 GHz. The new era of mobile phones is now in hype with the critically acclaimed, colorful and fun phone- Nokia Lumia 620. The remarkable phone is finally going to come up in United States of America. Get an opportunity to transform smiles into laughter, with the exciting features of Nokia Lumia 620. You can add live and motion to the captured images. It’s no more a hectic outing with Nokia Lumia 620 because is there to make you have fun along.

No more worries to find the tourism spot and the restaurants because HERE Maps, HERE City Lens and HERE Drive+ is there to guide you throughout the way. The company has presented the phone with an attractive price for the audience and has all the features of a smartphone. It’s time for the youngsters to use a smart and fun mobile phone. It will be fun to create a new textures and interesting colors with the ‘dual-shot’ technique.

The cellular phone has dual layers of polycarbonate, the first will be a single base layer and the layer will be a translucent and a transparent layer. These layers will give secondary blends of colors and the deep color effects. The Nokia Lumia 620 is now up with an Aio Wireless technology. Firstly presented with Cyan color, the shell can later on be changed to violet, green or yellow. A fully equipment phone with the features of a smart phone will have a playful look to be comfortable in the present generation.

It is a well readable phone with the screen size of 3.8 inches. The phone doesn’t give you the pain to read the texts in a shade because the readable features in it will let you read even in sunlight. It will be fun to shoot with Nokia Lumia 620 with the 5 megapixel camera. The 720p HD video will let you to capture the memorable moments and recollect it with Nokia Lumia 620. It is a fully updated phone with Windows 8 operating system. The multiple features on the phone makes it hard for you to find where to start from.

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