Portal Gaming Industry Is Expected To Gain $12 Billion Revenue By The End Of 2013

GamesIndustry came up with news for the industry of portal gaming. The International Data Corporation and App Annie said that the gaming industry is expected to bring a billion dollar revenue worldwide. The sum of the revenue is too big – $12 billion. They have said that it is probably going to happen by the end of 2013 and will continue in the next year. Reports have confirmed that 51% of this revenue comes from in-app purchasing. The analytics data have drawn a conclusion that 190,000 have been harvested till now.

These 190,000 apps include 100 titles in the app store and counts 80% of it. App purchases generated 40% revenue in 2012 to 44% of the purchases that have been made up-front. The rest of the revenue came from advertisements. There have been about 800 million such portable devices that are of prime utility for the gaming industry. Some of the which are, smartphones, dedicated consoles and tablets. Even though this revenue will be on a hike in 2014, it is expected to fall done again by the end of the year.

All the gaming devices are capable of earning good revenue. The list includes tablets, portable console and mobiles. Area of smartphone is expected to show the maximum growth. In spite of this, the installation base for a handful consoles have not shown any signs of shrinking and neither is it expected to be so. It has also been predicted in the reports that the generated revenue will give. This revenue is on the basis of one user. Vita and 3Ds will contribute to the revenue kitty, while the other gaming platforms will rise.

Reports have also identified key growth in the market of mobile business. China, Japan and USA have seen significant gains on iOS in 2013. Other than iOS, Android has shown a growth in South Korea and Japan. This has been observed at a similar time frame than that on iOS.

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