Porsche Asks It’s Facebook Fans

RIDERS CHOICE: The high end car manufacturer Porsche asked its Facebook fans on its new design. Its new Aqua Blue metallic Porsche Carrera 4S was the result of the personalized choices of about 5M Porsche Fans on Facebook.

It gave the users options to choose upon and the the high scorers are fitted onto it.

It is built in aqua blue with white and black racing strips,illuminated door sills,a fixed rear wheel, and 20- inch white painted wheels.

“You have determined the configuration, and we’ve built the car,” Porsche wrote on its Facebook page. “This is our unique 911 Carrera 4S, which has been spiced up by our experts from Porsche Exclusive.”

Now that the car has been designed it announced that the user with highest number of Porsche facebook fans on their friends list will get to drive it Porsche Experience Center in Silverstone, U.K.

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