Pompeii Trailer Garners Huge Expectations

The teaser trailer of POMPEII follows an enslaved warrior who falls in love with his beloved in midst of a volcanic explosion which threatens to crumble the entire city of POMPEII. Such an event tests Milo’s love for his beloved, given the extreme situation. Generally, 30 seconds of the movie in parts (the trailer, of course) is not enough to judge the movie’s collection in the box office. It is not enough to judge whether it would be critically appreciated as well. However, this movie is beyond all our imagination. The final scenes of the volcano erupting and slow-motion sword fighting gives goose bumps to many viewers. Despite the movie focusing on the visual effects, it has not compromised on the characters, their relationships. It received rave reviews from the critics and expectations are bound to be present among them, when Pompeii releases in the theatres on February 21, 2014. The film stars, Jared Harris, and Jessica Lucas , Carrie-Anne Moss, Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland.

POMPEII, is set in 79 A.D., tells the legend of Milo, a menial worker who has turned into an indestructible contender who needs to save his love, Cassia. He needs to race against time. Cassia happens to be the beautiful daughter of a rich merchant who has been unwillingly affianced to a dishonest Roman minister. Milo must fight his way out to the stadium, as Mount Vesuvius erupts in hot and molten lava, affecting everybody around it. He needs to save his beloved as the once, legendary Pompeii collapses around him. The entire movie is filled with fire, doom and gloom, especially with the historic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius makes the backdrop of love triangles between Milo, his beloved and the corrupt Roman Senator. ‘Whatever is happening here…No god is gonna stop it now’ says Milo. The theme of the movie is expected to revolve around this line.

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