Police Arrested A Homeless Coder Named Leo

According to the reports, Leo was arrested this morning because of trespassing “on City Bench”. He is homeless guy who learned to code with the help of 23-year-old Patrick McConlogue, a programmer in New York City.

He started to code with an opportunity; take $100 or learn how to code, as it’s a skill that may be able to help him in the future. Leo was in this field from two months, he and McConlogue met every weekday morning for an hour long lesson. And Leo also works on Javascript and related coding on the Samsung Chromebook. Currently he was working on the creating an app.

McConlogue started a Facebook group, which currently has 32,000 fans to support Leo, who found himself homeless in 2011 when he lost his job at MetLife and could not afford to pay his rent.

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