Pochettino To Reevaluate Southampton’s Future In Summer

With the resignation of Nicola Cortese on the charts, Pochettino has insisted “100 per cent” to see out the current campaign at St Mary’s on Wednesday.

Pochettino went on by stating that it would “make no sense” to remain at Southampton without Cortese.

The reason behind Cortese resignation was the misunderstanding with the club’s owner Katharina Liebherr, and Pochettino took up Cortese’s stance and went about stating that the former chairman decision was to stay.

With the manager’s deal due in 17 months he added: “It’s only normal that we finish the season and then we’ll see next season what happens. That’s only normal.

“It’s clear that at the end of the season we will assess the situation at the club.”

By that time Pochettino could have a new chairman to work under, and some supporters fear a new regime could seek to cash in on the club’s young English talent.

Rumors of Luke Shaw linked with Chelsea across the web, Pochettino was unequivocal when asked about transfers on Thursday.

He said: “I want to make one thing clear – no one is for sale at Southampton. No one. My viewpoint hasn’t changed from a week ago. No player that I don’t want to leave will leave.”

When asked why he did not follow Cortese through the exit he said: “They are completely different situations. Eight months ago I was finishing my first season, and I did say it would make no sense for me to be here without Nicola.

“Now we’re in the middle of our project and it’s a completely different situation.”

Pochettino agreed that he spoke with Cortese but was reticent about his decisions of persuading him to stay.

“What’s quite clear is that I have a good relationship with him,” he said. “He agrees with my decision to stay and there’s nothing else I can say at the moment.

“He only asked me for one thing and that’s to try and win on Saturday.”

Reports also mentioned that the Southampton owner had ideas of selling the club which led to disputes with Cortese, but Pochettino was not interested in revealing anything when asked about the chairman’s resignation.

“I do not know the answer,” he said. “It’s difficult to say. I found out about his decision just as you did.”

Pochettino confirmed that he retains his full support to the owner.

He added: “I spoke to her five minutes ago, and she transmitted her full trust, not just to me but to my staff and the people working here. We haven’t had much time to think about the future.”

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