PlayStation To Hold A Gran Turismo 6 Contest For Europeans

PlayStation is holding a Gran Turismo 6 contest for Europe’s would-be speed demons. Do not assume you will be able to simply waltz on in and snatch a spot within the drawing, though. In order to be entered, you will have to take a multiple-choice quiz on the history of the Gran Turismo series. There are six questions, and the quickest time wins. You recognize what that means – no screen-looking Google searching. Should you be one among the five grand prize winners, you will receive an official Gran Turismo racing pod, a Thrust master steering wheel and racing seat, a 40-inch Sony Bravia TV, a PS3 system and a copy of Gran Turismo 6anniversary Edition. 10 runners-up will receive a copy of GT6 anniversary Edition and a PS3 to play it on.

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