PlayStation Firmware Update 4.45 Is Bricking The System – As Reported By The Users

The PlayStation firmware update version 4.45 for PlayStation 3 will enable users to turn off the notifications regarding trophies. Latest updates have revealed that some PS3 users have been reporting on the forum of PlayStation 3. The latest updates have been troubling their systems and it is important to contact the company itself. According to previous reports, there’s an overall different story of the total scenario and will also focus on the improvisation of the general performance. It might not be revealed in the initial stages, but is expected to happen later on in an unspecified manner.

The trophy notifications can also be switched off by the users by changing the settings through the menu of the system. It is a single process; select the ‘settings’ option and then the trophy notifications. Once the notifications have been switched off, users will be continuing accruing the trophies. The new update followed by patch is 4.40 that have been released in the month of March. In addition to that, it will also be introducing a stereo headset that will be a wireless device.

This headset is quite significant because it can support specific applications and also an improved stability of the software. One such issue has been reported by a gamer that has faced a problem while installing the 4.45 version of PS3. When the PS3 was started today it reported a requirement for the new update. It was ok till then and it was downloaded in it. After the successful installation is complete, the system was booted again. The problem had arisen after that, when the logo of PlayStation 3 was displayed.

The logo was shifted onto a second screen that had the ribbon. The console was supposed to display XB in next segment but nothing happened like that. It was only the ribbon that was visible and nothing else. Problems have also been reported while shutting done the system even by pressing the power button. The system makes strange beeping sounds but does not shut down. It persisted even when the power cord was unplugged and plugged in again.

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