Players Do Not Have To Pay For Online Passes Again – Because Of Its Discontinuance

Surprising news for the readers- EA is planning to discontinue its requirement for Online Pass. The main reason behind doing this is to use these features in the future releases. This news was conveyed by the senior director of corporate communication, John Reseburg. In addition to it said that none of the titles of EA will be including this feature. You must be wondering what is online Pass all about. It is a deride system in which players have to pay an additional fee, so as to access certain components online. One such online component is a multiplayer.

You cannot save your money even if you purchase an online game because it is then also you have to pay for an online pass. You can’t even share it with your friends without paying for the online pass. It did not receive enough of response because players because it was initially done to package a complete menu online services and content. It was with the feedback of the users that the senior director decided to remove it in order to move forward with the company. The games that have been online pass will continue with its use but the new ones will be deprived of it.

John Reseburg has given assurance to the users that the company has continued to create services and content that is responsible for enhancing the experience of the game. There will be enhancements from that of Day 1 when users first started off with it. This is an attempt made by the company to recover the losses that has been suffered in the due past. Users of the game are expecting to an expensive DLC along with micro transactions.

The sudden shut down of the game can also be interpreted in a way, as if the company is banking on its own goodwill so as to bring in more buyers. The company targets to increase the sales margin in the first attempt so that there are no further losses suffered. These will save the company from paying additional fees. Even though online passes are being shut down by the company it still remains as a common practice.

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