Play Yakuza: Ishin And You Can Visit Haunted Houses

Yakuza: Ishin, the feudal era by-product of the Japanese gangster series, will not have vocalizing bars and arcades, however it’ll have singing, brothels, and haunted houses.

Sega has elaborated the variability of pastimes you may partake in on the official Yakuza: Ishin website.

While the game takes place before vocalizing parlours were a thing, Ishin will still contain the singing mini-game, only you will be belting out a tune of an old-school Utagoe bar. Besides singing, you’ll wager chicken races, work at an Udon shop, slice scarecrows in an archaic haunted mansion, chop wood, or shoot down cannonballs.

When within the mood for a little more adult diversion, you’ll be able to move to a brothel and interact in a very drinking contest along with your gal-pal Anna, play rock-paper-scissors along with her, or help sober her up in a very mini-game wherever you need to shoot down “buzz-kill blocks.

If you want to enjoy all this action, then go play this Japanese game.

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