Plans To Deliver The Pure Essence Of Dark Souls 2 With A Streamlined Game

Yui Tanimura, the director of Dark Souls 2 will be laying personal claim in order to balance the punishment of new titles. A few words about Dark Souls 2 disappointed the clients when it was said that it was compared with its predecessor. They did not like it being compared to the notorious predecessor. However, Yui Tanimura said that accessibility is not all that easy when he was interviewed by Game Informer. To be more precise the games will become all the streamlined as said the director.

The main motive of the company is to deliver a pure essence of dark souls. Tanimura further added that he has no plans to eliminate the challenges off from this game. He was very precise in his speech and continued in an explanatory tone. He said that difficulties begin to arise while playing the game when the reasons of playing it are removed. The main objective of the company is to remove the difficulty and not the cause of playing it. He is making an attempt so as to prevent the players from facing any sort of nuisance.

He will also be taking away the main aspects of the game which was primarily its difficulty. He further added that balancing is one of the vital aspects of the game. Keeping this in mind they have taken an utmost care while tuning every instance. These are the challenges that will enable us to reach a good balance well through the game. Game Informer continued with its questions to Tanimura.

He was also asked about the plans that have been made for the Dark Souls 2. The most important characteristics of the game are its balancing that will feature it as a game. He said that he has taken care of the balancing of the game with a lot of difficulty. The trickiness and frustrations were further encountered in this game. He said that most of his time is allocated to balance the placements of enemies. The players might also face certain difficulty related to the parameters of the enemies. It is all about facing those challenges.

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