“Pinterest For Learning” Now Coming For Android By Learnist

A better way of study or, you can say, a specialized way of study had emerged first in 2008 as Grockit . It was basically a social learning which allows users to study online, having live instructors or perusing its library of video content.

Last year, the team began to work on it whose chief was Learnist, a digital clipboard that was later dubbed its “Pinterest for education.” Talking more about Grockit, its found that today also it is in survival mode. Over the next six months, Learnist took off and, eager to ride the wave, Grockit put all of its efforts behind the new product, selling off the Grockit name, test prep business, technology and platform to Kaplan in July.

Learnist has expanded its scope to attract a wider set of life-long and casual learners, as earlier it was for K-12 teachers and students allowing users to create “learn boards” for everything from reading assignments to Common Core-supported Math lessons.

It is used as the platform to aggregate and share the projects across a range of topics due to which it has attracted about 1 million users towards it. It is also the effect of launching this app last year, into iPhones and iPads. There is a primary goal among developers to make it library of quality crowdsourced content, surfacing content that matches users’ browsing patterns and areas of interest.

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