Pins Are Now Going To Be More Useful For The Users

Pinterest has come up with interesting news for the audience and mentioned about it in one of its announcements. The official sharing site of Pinterest has now begun to start categorizing the pins based on the different type of content. Pinterest has also launched a share button for the mobile apps of a third party. The companies itself explain in one of its blogs that you can tell from the icon that will appear on your screen when your pin has more information.

The company is preparing to start its own categories that will help the users to identify the kind of content that has been included. Each will have their own set of dedicated pins which will help in depicting this. Product pins will have information about its pricing, the places where you will be able to buy it and availability. It is mainly applicable for products like furniture and clothes. Recipe pins will have ingredients, cook time and servings added to it. These pins are from one of your favorite websites and bloggers.

Movie pins will have cast members, cast ratings and more about the details of a movie. New pins will be up in the queue and existing ones will also be segregated into a proper category to organize the things well into it. The move made by the company has been done with respect to the brands and reputed companies who will find it easy to tap into a strong community of users that frequently use a site. One of the representatives of Pinterest said that companies will not be charged with for using the new pins.

This move will help the links to become more actionable. This will encourage an increase to the enhancement of traffic for different brands that they generally expect from the website. It has been estimated that the company will be able to generate revenue of about 48 million per month from the users that are spread worldwide. Company has also said that it is just an effort to make pins useful for the users. The next few months are expected to see more changes by the company.

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