Philips Bringing in 3D Printed Lamps

Philips are innovating their smart hue line, by combining light, art and a piece of intuitive technology. The hue LED bulbs will be designed to work with your smart device, making lighting more personal at your place. The app will help you get the perfect colour of light you desire and will help you wake up in the morning with the perfect glow. You can even throw a dance party using these bulbs. The company has added 3D-printed luminaires that allow amazing light effects from over 16 million colours, all controlled by the device in your hand.
These new lamps will be helpful in creating a unique and interactive lighting installation at your place. The lights have been made in by Phillips in collaboration with Danish designers STRAND + HVASS and German designers Wertel Oberfell.
The lamps will be available in two varieties, a pendant for $4,135 and a table for $3,445.

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