Paul Blair, The Orioles Legend Passes Away

Paul Blair, former Baltimore Orioles center fielder expired on Dec 26. He was 69 years old. He passed away at the Sinai Hospital.

Gloria Blair, his wife narrated the events which led to her husband’s death.

“Paul was honestly too tired, but he never says no…During a practice round, he threw two or three balls, then sat down and told a friend, ‘I feel funny’ and kind of collapsed. He lost consciousness and they called 911 and the ambulance took him to [Sinai Hospital], but the doctors there told me they never got a pulse. I was told he died around 6:45 p.m.”

Paul Blair leaves behind a legacy which is unmatched. Many from the sporting family extended their condolences and praised his dedication to the game.

He won 8 Gold Gloves in 17-season career. He played in 6 World Series and won 4 of them. – ESPN Stats & Info

Blair is famous for his 474 in the 1970 World Series and is also knows for his fielding. Al Bumbry said, “He taught me a lot, a lot about playing. He always made me feel comfortable. It wasn’t like we were competing for the same position. He played very shallow and I would always marvel about how he played as shallow as he did and how well he could go back on balls.”

Jay Jaffe of said, “RIP Paul Blair. 2nd All time in defensive WAR.”

Blair ended his career with two stints with New York Yankees sandwiched by a small contract with the Cincinnati Reds.

It is a Tragic end to a universally loved sportsman. The impact Blair had in Baltimore would be remembered and celebrated for years.

We at Webmuch pray for Paul Blair’s soul to rest in peace. He was one of the best defensive center fielders ever, and a great man.

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