Patience Is The Key To Afford Google Glass Price

Priced at $1500, Google Glass price may not be affordable to everybody. Yes, It would be something that one can flaunt about but shelling out $1500 can be budget buster for some. But it is advisable to all Google enthusiast to wait a little more. Acoording to the reports obtained from The China Post and Phone Arena the Topology Researcher Jason Tsai has hinted that as and when the wearable gadget hits the consumer market it would be priced at $299 only.

This would be a very steep drop from the current price which was limited to roughly 8,000 Glass Explorers. Although such reports can make one assume that Tsai is wrong, but in reality he might actually be right based on the in depth analysis.

The components used in Google Glass are a Special display and bone connecting speaker which are almost similar to the Motorola MotoActcv smart watch launched in 2012. It has all the same sensors,8 GB of flash memory, a touch screen, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio and still the watch was priced at $199 and at present it would cost even lesser. In addition to the price tag it showed some good profit margins which eventually resulted in price range of $100-$150.

Further after adding the display to Google Glass it will contribute $30 to $35 which would account for the biggest share of the total cost in the near term as the bone conduction speaker would cost even less to add. In addition to this Google has recently took 6.3% stake in Himax, the display supplier of the Glass that could help build the production facilities and lower the cost per unit.

Even if the worst case is considered $150 for all of the internal parts plus $35 for the display and another $40 for the speaker component and a camera sensor which brings us to $225. The cost included are wearable part as well as production. Even then if the margin above the calculations is held, it surely won’t be exceeding $299 as this won’t be $600 smart phone which would need chips and memory.

Tsai also mentioned a valid point that $1500 is clearly an artificially boasted price for what Google Glass is. Although it cannot be claimed that the Google Glass isn’t worth the early buy, but its just the Google’s Smart thinking to pick a price. Google’s diehard fans interested in wearables and mobile Technology are that only people that would spend $1500 without opting for weed.

Just because the people would dismiss buying because they won’t understand technology, the potential impact or if the work is in progress would reduce the chances of people using Glass. As the contextual computing for both wearble and gadget market is about to takeoff, Google wont be able to afford such a situation as Glass is going t be a big fish for the Company. That doesn’t mean, that Glass will be a big budget item when it goes on sale, as early as 2013.

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