ParaShoot Is Back With Advanced Photo/Video Wearable Device

Although the company tried its best to raise $260,000 from Kickstarter, people were saddened to see ParaShoot, a wearable gadget that let’s the user record HD videos on the go, but it was unsuccessful in its efforts. Just 3 weeks after this incident ParaShoot is back with $60,000 to make a more advanced and improvised version of ParaShoot.

Just like its predecessor the device which would be named as ParaShoot 2.0 would be aiming to make important and precious moments of one’s life instantly recordable, without making any rush for the phone or camera. It is capable of snapping videos as well as take photos with a unique improvement that a user can place the PanShoot anywhere.

This seems to be a marginal improvement as the previous one had to be used via a neck strap which would still be coming with the newer variant as an accessory. It would be having a faster processor, a 100 degree viewing angle(compared to the older 65 degrees),improved video processing and longer battery life.

Similar to the older variant even ParaShoot will be able to shoot videos and click photos using a single button on the device, which can be also done using a smartphone App in iOS or Android. With the devices to ship in next 4 months, it is all ready for Christmas. Assuming that the project won’t be short of any funding first 500 users may get ParaShoot 2.0 for $149 only.

Based on the reports from TNW, One of the members from the Founder of ParaShoot, Matt Sandy claims that the company has been working on this new version for some time. He adds that, the the workers and co-workers were working on a parallel track on two enclosures. As a result of which they realized that achieving the minimum volume of the enclosure would not be as important as going with a little wider enclosure that would allow for even more functionalities and versatile usage. Therefore throughout June and July the people at KickStarter worked dedicatedly on the newer version of ParaShoot.

However, he seemed to be pretty positive and happy with the result that they made the right decision by upgrading it to Ambarella chip solution and exclaimed that, “We are especially proud of being able to accommodate a wider angle of view.”

The company seems to be pretty optimistic about this device as they claim that with a more versatile for shooting images and videos ParaShoot can run the KickStarter campaign successfully. With a price tag of mere $149 the company claims to have more no. of customers in Xmas.

If one finds ParaShoot 2.0 to be an interesting device he/she should also have a look at GoPro, Autographer and Memeto are some of the other options.

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