Otto Porter Jr’s Minor Act Of Kindness Should Be Deemed As a Remarkable Act

Otto Porter Jr. is a Washington Wizards amateur with his career ahead of him. He is a man who understands the powerful touch of humanity. A letter was spotted recently regarding Otto Porter Jr.

Micheal Stein was trying to escape from a stressed out week in D.C. He decided to go through the paper and buys something to eat. While he was sitting there, Stein spotted a homeless man, who asked for his sandwich. Stein or the hungry man didn’t know that something amazing was going to happen.

After some time, Otto Porter Jr. hopped out of his car and entered the shop. Mr. Porter left off with his sandwich and drink. Mr. Porter sat next down to the homeless man and the two of them enjoyed their sandwiches while talking about different things. Porter is 20-year old kid, who is ready to begin his NBA journey that not only found the time to feed the homeless, but also connected to him. After all, everyone needs the comfort of a friend.

Stein continues writing on different things. Porter did all this without the knowledge that somebody was watching him or knowing anything about the homeless man. He simply saw a man who was in need. Someone who needed affection and food. So, he offered him his sandwich and talked to him for some time. We should appreciate the gesture by Mr. Porter and should deem it as a remarkable one. It is remarkable because it doesn’t happen often.

This is what, Georgetown Hoyas’ official website said: “It was just Otto being Otto. I said it a lot last year when it came to the way he plays, but it’s also about the way he carries himself off the floor too. He’s a great young man with a terrific future and this story is just an example of something all young men can look up to.”

It was a minor act of kindness, but it made a huge difference to an anonymous person who just needed a sandwich.

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