Osmeta-Stealth Mobile Software Startup Acquired By Facebook

A spokesperson of Facebook has confirmed that Facebook has acquired Osmeta, a Silicon Valley startup based in Mountain View. After announcing the launch of Facebook Home, it seems that Facebook wants to make the launch as successful as possible, although it’s not quite clear whether it’s been acquired completely or if it’s just a deal.

Osmeta was founded in 2011 by Google/IBM Alum Amit Singh, who is also the President and CEO of the company, and IBM Alum Mark A. Smith. Currently, it has a team of nineteen engineers which, according to their official ‘About Us‘ page, consists of ‘world renowned hackers and highly accomplished researchers capable of herculean software engineering.’ The page also mentions that the breadth and depth of computer science knowledge contained within the brains of their team is remarkable. Most of the members have had fulfilling careers at companies such as Google, Yahoo Research, VMware, and IBM Research.

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