Ophone To Explore Odors Through Messages

Earlier, we have only experienced pleasant smell through delicious food, perfume or through an exotic food, but now its time to experience it through smartphones. Isn’t it interesting?…Yes, now the smell will travel a long distances through Ophones which is a bluetooth device.

It was a prank and an idea from google, to send the odor through search engine. But MIT professor and Le Laboratoire founder David Edwards proved that its really possible after creating world’s first smell-o-phone.

There are so many students and helping creative minds who worked with Edward to make this Ophone- Harvard students Rachel Field and Amy Yin, Olivier Pescheux, master perfumer at Givaudin in Paris, Ryan Spinoglio, Toby’s Estate sensory and quality manager, Le Laboratoire, The Wyss Institute at Harvard, and Studio Millimetre designers Baptiste Viala and Laurent Milon.

This experiment was first implemented through Android smartphone because Edward was aware of Google Nose prank, and proved Company that its really possible to send olfactive messages across a room in the first stage, and between continents later on.

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