Official Death Date Of Windows XP And Microsoft Security Essentials Announced

Microsoft have announced the official death date of Windows XP ..and it’s on April 8, 2014, that means after that if you are continuing with it you may land into the wild West of viruses, exploits, and other unfriendly computer hijinks. And the saddest news for XP users is with the unsupported OS they will also the ability to to take the benefits of Microsoft’s free antivirus and anti-malware app, Microsoft Security Essentials.

However, it’s most likely going to be true and after that the company will not publish the automatic updates for the operating system. You will still able to activate your version of Windows XP, but will be away with any new patches. More worse, Microsoft Security Essentials with no updates will also end the supported site for Windows XP i.e. no longer Microsoft Security Essentials download available for XP.

As per the stats, currently Microsoft XP holds 30% of the computers standing at number two, Windows 7 have a share of 47%, Windows 8 at just 7% and Windows 8.1 at just 4%. And the unique visits of XP was recorded around 160 million per month. So, it’s pretty clear that still many users are clinging to Windows XP.

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