Oculus Rift Headsets May Be Cheaper Due To Facebook Acquisition

Oculus Rift may target a new thing now, i.e. getting an Oculus Rift headset on every head. Since, Facebook bought Oculus VR for $2 billion, the company may sell the headsets at a bit lower cost, CEO Brendan Iribe told in an interview.

The preorder for the developer kit is available for $350, but this price has bright chances of dropping in the future.
“It changes all our priorities from making money to making virtual reality happen,” he said.
But there’s still a lot of more work to be done. If Oculus wants to expand beyond gaming, as FB founder Mark Zuckerberg wants it to, the technology has to be made even better.

The hardware itself will have to be made into a thing that people will actually want to wear and won’t feel a burden. Well, it’s a long road ahead for the company and FB acquisition doesn’t ensure them that they’ll get positive reviews only.

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