Now Stream Videos The BitTorrent Way. Presenting BitTorrent Live!

BitTorrent launched the beta version of BitTorrent Live on Tuesday.

BitTorrent Live, a P2P streaming protocol allows it’s users to broadcast videos from mobile phones, webcams, a professional video camera or virtually anything that can record videos, to anyone in the world.


BitTorrent Live is based on BitTorrent protocol. That means the stream that you are broadcasting becomes more and more stable as more and more people join in.

BitTorrent has been working on BitTorrent Live since November with a number of digital creators and broadcasters for the closed Beta program.

Here’s the official description of the technology :

BitTorrent Live is a powerful new web-based live streaming technology. Designed to eliminate barriers to broadcast, Live is an entirely new protocol, designed to deliver high quality video to large audiences – with significant reduction in infrastructure cost and network delays.

You can download the software and watch a couple of videos here.

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