“ No Threat On Bilateral Lies By Chinese Hackers ” – Australian Minister Bob Carr

The Australian foreign minister Bob Carr said the claims for Chinese hackers will not pose any threat for bilateral lies. These Chinese hackers are responsible for stealing the blueprints of the spy agency of new headquarters of Asio. Not only that the foreign minister have also refused to confirm reports that contained the details of the building floor worthy rupees million dollars, layout of communication cabling, security systems and server locations. There have been allegations for cyber spies in China who have obtained secrete for Australian military quite recently.

Besides this, the military secret has also managed to obtain documents for foreign affairs. This concern is spreading out widespread and this is serious threat to the privacy of a company. Carr refused to give a confirmation for the specific claims but is also alive regarding the security threats related to cyber security. Another distinct aspect of this allegation is that the foreign minister of Australia did not pose a direct allegation on the Chinese hackers. He said that he will not comment on the allegation of Chinese. It has been said by him in Sky News.

Bob Carr also refused to give any comments on the security and intelligence. The reason being he did not want the world to know, what they are already aware of and what they are planning to do or will plan to do so. They neither wanted to let the world know about it nor the potential aggressors. The claims regarding cyber spies did not show any jeopardize in the new strategic partnership between Australia and China. The minister said that there is no implication for such a partnership and Australia has various areas to co-operate with China.

A new building is being built near the directorate of top secrets of defense signals of Australia. The name of the building is Asio building. This building is supposed to have a few sophisticated hacking defenses of the country. However, things are proceeding in the way as it is expected, there are interruptions in it. The reason for such interruptions is mainly because of cost blowout or delays. Moreover some builders are also complaining against late changes that has caused the delay.

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