Nissan To Launch It’s Fastest Electronic Car-Zeod RC

Nissan with its news of launching its fastest electronic car ZEOD RC is already created a buzz in the car world.

The car is expected to be seen in LeMans race of 2014 as the company was invited to the 2014 race under LeMans’ “Garage 56” classification.

However the company assures that the car will be seen in race only after testing variety of types and combinations of electric motors and gasoline engines.

With only a little news about the car like the it uses the same lithium-ion batteries as the NISSAN LEAF electric car and has a zero-emission, on-demand option whhich lets a driver “switch between electric and petrol-powered drive,” confirmed by Andy Palmer (executive vice-president) the fans are eagerly waiting for this car to hit the race in 2014.

Another aspect of the car that have interested the fans is its ‘DeltaWing shape’ which have earlier created news in 2012.

With the ‘old design’ BUT ‘new technology’ the fans are excited to see the fastest electronic car to be a new player in the race of 2014 .

Thanks Mashable

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