Nissan Smartwatch : Nissan’s Latest Device

Smart watches connecting the car and the driver is the in-thing among the gadget freaks all over the world. Nissan is the latest to join the fray. They call it the Nissan Nismo Watch and was released at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This device is their first entry into wrist watches.


The device is specifically targeted towards the drivers of Nissan Nismo cars. Nissan’s motorsport and performance division is Nismo. It is responsible for race cars, sport cars and super cars. Having focused on an extremely specific audience, it is a good ploy to remove all competition for that particular necessity. One must note that it is different from a smart watch which connects to your smart phone. It connects to your car. Nismo watch can perform a lot of activities. The most useful ones being:-

* A smartphone app connects to the car using a Bluetooth Smart device.

* Instant performance data while on the track and access to vehicle telematics.

* Monitoring Biometric data using a heart rate monitor in the watch.

* Calculating efficiency of the car using average speed and fuel-consumption readings

* Customized messages from Nissan.


Nismo watch can also track the user’s social performance across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. This is done by using its Special Speed software.

In fact, the Nismo watch is an extension from the Nismo Lab which was launched earlier his year. It is a mobile laboratory which captures telemetric and biometrics data from Nismo athletes during their sporting events. This kind of technology also has the scope to be used in other areas.

Nismo Lab would be focusing on ECG, EEG and skin temperature sensors. This is done so that the data could be passed back to athletes with the help of a smart watch.

The watch is controlled with the help of only two buttons and the battery drains out in seven days with normal usage.

With such advanced technology modernizing our lives, one would surely expect a lot of automated devices in the coming few years.

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