Nintendo Tends To Completely Erase Smash Bros From EVO

Co-founder Joey Cuellar stated in an interview that after negotiations, EVO was able to reach an agreement with Nintendo that allowed Smash to be kept at the tournament, but not broadcast anywhere else on the Internet. further, it’s their IP,” he added, However he said that this agreement cannot be taken down any further and said they are completely in harmony with Nintendo’s decision to protect their IP, and hence not going to interfere with their legal department .

“They were not only trying to shut down the stream, they were trying to shut down the event, the smash portion of the event,” Cuellar said. He also said that It’s their IP, they have full rights over it and we are nobody to be any kind of hindrance in their work.

It is obvious that compromise was quickly revised after the fighting game community’s reaction to the announcement. Cuellar said that no efforts were made on his end after the initial agreement with Nintendo had been made, so its decision to allow streaming for Smash had to have been in response to other, outside factors.

And Cuellar said We’re extremely thankful to Nintendo for giving us the liberty to do it.

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