Nintendo To Release Seven Newly Evolved Pokemon

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has recently revealed the newly evolved versions for the Pokemon; Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin, along with detailing four new ones.

According to the magazine, Froakie will evolve into Gekogashira while Hariboogu and Teerunna shall be the evolved versions of Chespin and Hariboogu, respectively. The four new Pokemon include two fossils. New versions of Mega Mewto, one which will be exclusive to Pokemon X (a psychic/fighting type) and one to Y, have also been included. The magazine also revealed a mega form of Garchomp.

From the fossils, one of the two is a rock/gragon type named Chiorasu; Amarasu which is a rock/ice type; Torimian who is a normal-dog type while the fourth is Nyaonukusu who is a psychic-type cat.

Last week Nintendo Direct announced that the first gen Pokemon starters will return to category X and Y. News of a release of Pokemon themed 3Ds XL consoles in the west has also been heard.

October 12th has been declared as the global release date for Pokemon X and Y though despite all the buzz, nothing apart from this release date has been officialised yet.

via CVG

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