Nintendo And Best Buy Are Now Partners: You Can Play Unreleased Wii U Games In Store During E3

Most players hate waiting for games to be released. And after waiting for months and months, the game might not even be worth the wait and anticipation. When games are announced, you want to try them out as soon as possible. But Nintendo has come up with something regarding this little issue. During the E3, Best Buy is
going to have various playable demos of unreleased Wii U games.

This will be present in about 100 stores, across the US and Canada, thanks to the new partnership between Nintendo and Best Buy. No new hardware is expected from the company, so this is probably a different way to attract some interest, which it really needs. Just recently, Bob Summerwill (senior engineer at EA) criticized the Wii U on Twitter. No titles regarding the playable unreleased Wii U games have been announced as of yet.

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