NFS New EA Sports Member

Only one week short from the highly awaited launch of its next title in the Need for Speed series, EA already has some huge plans in mind for the longer term of the sport franchise. In an effort to supply a lot of an open angle towards development, the requirement for Need for Speed complete are doubled into the EA sports label to supply the series with some new perspective.

During an interview with polygon, executive vice president of EA Patrick Soderlund expressed his ideas for what the longer term of EA holds, and the way the varied brands and divisions among the corporate will learn plenty from one another. “I think that we can learn a lot from the sports games and what they’ve done,” Soderlund said. “When you play a sports game, the controller in your hand will dictate how good the game is. It’s all about player control and input and how it feels. It’s a feeling, right? I think that focus on pure gameplay, is something that can benefit the Need for Speed brand in a very positive way.”

Though he was fast to deny that the series can currently steer towards realism, he did categorical that having new developers and producers with expertise on sports titles can facilitate to supply new ideas and vision. The requirement for Speed series is thought for blurring the road between simulation and arcade sport, and with Rivals and also the next-gen consoles simply round the corner, but the people will have to wait for this new strategy.

NFS: Rivals will be released on November 15 for all current and upcoming consoles.

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