Nexus 7 Has Bad Battery Life

Google’s Nexus 7 has been released and it is a rival to iPad Mini Retina. Google has accommodated a 323 pixel per inch display for Nexus and its battery life is not much amazing. The battery must have more life to make the display bright.

The only disappointment of Nexus 7 is its battery life and the highlight is its display.

CNET has reviewed the Nexus 7 and expressed the opinion as “The Battery life of Nexus 7 is better than its previous version but bad when compared to iPad mini.”

They also suggested Apple for introducing iPad’s with good battery life for withstanding their rivals.

The display is not given priority if the device accommodates low battery life. The recent study shows that Apple has made its iPads bit heavy to hold good battery. It has been reported from the analysts that Apple uses low-temperature polysilicon and IGZO display technologies for their new iPad Mini Retina. Apple is expected to bring out sleek and long life battery iPads in the future.

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