News Of Android Updates By Get Glue Bringing Personal Guides And Second Screen Sharing

As per the recent Android updates, Get Glue, the popular Check-in service has recently updated its Android feature with several other advanced features which are quite new and exciting for the users. The social impact on the mobile platform by Get Glue has currently available by the IOS users but soon it will be available by the Android users.

The additional organized stream of Android enables the users to connect their friend in their friends’ panel in a more flexible manner. The online comments of the users are getting overflowed in the various social networking sites. These comments are highly revealing the outstanding experiences of the users. This new and advanced Get Glue is highly contributing in the increase of the friends’ lists and enables the users to find the contents quite easily and quickly.

This specialized app provides different kinds of personalized guides which have been created as per the views, tastes, preferences, friend activity, popular genres and general trends of the Get Glue community. These guides get updated from time to time for bringing up the latest and the best information to the users. Get Glue has provided the facility of free download of the Get Glue app to the users from the market.

The second screen feature of this app is also getting highly appreciated by both the IOS and Android users. This popular social media application is basically useful especially for the movies, music, sports and television lovers. The updated check-in visual stream and real-time conversation mode has gained the maximum popularity among the users.

Now tagging friends and commenting has become much more easier by the Android users via Get Glue app. The various reports say that this recent app of Get Glue is going to give a tough competition to the rest of the existing as and all the upcoming ones as well. The different Face Book comments by the several IOS and Android users clearly speak of the satisfaction of the users and the success of this specialized app.

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