News Classes And Weapons Coming Up For Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 by DICE will be coming up with new classes and weapons. It is expected to come up for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. It has also been revealed that Battlefield 4 will be releasing for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. The new edition will prove to be exciting for the players where they will be using rifles and carbines. It is expected to be a Popular Military Shooter. The players will be allowed to choose the offensive and defensive roles among these.

The list does not end up here on the scope of the players to have more fun with the console. You will also be able to mix numerous weapons between different classes. It is all the more beneficial where the players do not have to restrain themselves to different classes. The engineer will be able to equip the rifle for a firing of a long distance. The marksman rifle will be restricted to a number of Recons that will be going offensive along with carbine. It was previously meant only for the engineers.

The other examples will be including C4 that is shifted to Recon. The support will now be using M32 MGL and XM25. It will be having the heavy launchers for grenade. Gamers will also have freedom to customize the class. It will be done with different types of guns. Some of the common weapons will be used for the purp0ose of supporting it. These weapons are Machine guns and Recon that are considered being dedicated ones. Players will also be using the weapons for battle pickup. These are powerful guns that could be scattered thorough the map.

It will not be equipped in Spawn screen and is much likely to be picked up by the players. It mainly includes the weapons like .50 caliber M82 sniper rifle. There are yet more of the details in the shooter of the first person that is upcoming. Battlefield 4 will be featuring the classes at Bad Company 2 and BF3. In addition to it there will be a few tweaks and changes to be done.

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